2018-2019 Press

Lori Loughlin, 15 others indicted on new
charges in college admissions scandal

By Shelley Murphy and Travis Andersen | GLOBE STAFF | April 9, 2019

Boston attorney Martin G. Weinberg, who represents Miami parent Robert Zangrillo, 52, said the indictment hinges on a “novel theory” of money laundering.

“The paradigm of money laundering is to convert dirty money that comes from a crime,” Weinberg said. “Here, there’s no allegation any parent used illegally acquired money for any transaction. So this becomes, to me, a novel expansion of the money laundering statutes and we of course are going to strongly contest it.” Read more

Ex-football player in Canada charged with
paying $200,000 to hike test scores for sons

By Travis Andersen | GLOBE STAFF | MARCH 14, 2019

A former Canadian Football League player will make his first appearance Friday afternoon in federal court in Boston, records show, in connection with a nationwide college admissions bribery scandal … 

Martin G. Weinberg, a prominent Boston defense attorney who’s representing Sidoo, said in an e-mail that his client “fully intends to plead not guilty and contest both the legal and factual basis for the charge.” Read more

Federal prosecutors fail to close 'gaping hole,' lose pair of bribery convictions

By Kris Olson | Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly | January 31, 2019

The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently served up a harsh lesson to federal prosecutors, overturning for a second time thebribery convictions of a pair of defendants. That lesson? If defense counsel is shining a spotlight on a “gaping hole” in your case, youmight want to grab a shovel.

…According to Weinberg, the Bravo decision reinforces a message that Sorokin seemingly had already gotten: that the elements of federal criminal law should be taken very strictly and not expanded cavalierly.

Weinberg hopes that the decision also encourages his fellow members of the defense bar to put the prosecution’s theories to the test rather than plead cases out, as happens 96 percent of the time.

“It’s on the defense bar to hold the government to its burden of proof,” he says. Read more

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State Police Association of Massachusetts Union Leader Dana Pullman Case

Embattled former union boss retires from
Mass. State Police

By Matt Rocheleau and Danny McDonald | Boston Globe staff | November 21, 2018

His attorney, Martin G. Weinberg, said Pullman’s “retirement was in no way a response to any ongoing investigation.”

“He worked tirelessly and successfully as the leader of SPAM and is confident that any investigation will compellingly demonstrate that he has not violated any legal obligation,” Weinberg said. Read more

Former head of State Police Association retires
in midstof federal probe

By Kathy Curran | WCVB/ABC TV  November 21, 2018

Pullman's attorney Martin Weinberg called Pullman a "quintessential union leader" and is optimistic the federal investigation will conclude without any charges against his client.
Weinberg said Pullman didn’t violate any laws. Read more

Union boss who defended state troopers
faces his own fraud investigation

By Andrea Estes | Boston Globe staff | November 11, 2018

Dana Pullman, 57, referred questions to his lawyer, Martin G. Weinberg, who called him “an indefatigable union leader.”

“He elevated this union, advocating for his members and vigorously and tirelessly fighting for their interests,” Weinberg said. “We’re optimistic that when any current investigation concludes [authorities] will share that view.” Read more


State Street Executive Ross McLellan Case

Ex-State Street Exec Promises
Precedent-Setting Appeal

By Chris Villani | Law 360 | October 18, 2018

“The appeal will raise important issues regarding the scope of the security law statutes,” McLellan’s attorney, Martin G. Weinberg, told Law360 on Wednesday, “and the extent to which an alleged scheme to defraud that is centered in London can properly be prosecuted under the wire fraud statutes in the U.S.” Read more

Convicted State Street Exec 
Gets Lenient 18 Months

By Aaron Leibowitz | Law 360 | October 16, 2018

A former State Street Corp. executive was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison Tuesday for stealing millions from clients by sneaking in undisclosed fees on massive transactions, a more lenient ruling than the fiveyear sentence prosecutors had requested.

… Weinberg said Tuesday he plans to request that McLellan's sentence be delayed pending an appeal in the case. Read more


Judge Implores State Street's
Former Counsel To Testify

By Alison Noon | Law 360 | May 29, 2018

A federal judge in Massachusetts on Tuesday beseeched three former State Street attorneys in Ireland and the Netherlands to testify voluntarily at a fraud trial next week of a former executive at the bank holding company, in a last-ditch effort to avoid questions about the trial's fairness that could be fodder for appeal. Read more

Ex-State Street Exec Seeks DOJ Help
To Get Foreign Evidence

By Alison Noon | Law 360 | March 26, 2018

Counsel to a former State Street executive argued in court on Monday for a federal judge to force prosecutors to wield their influence and international treaties to procure statements and documents that could aid the Boston broker-dealer charged with swindling foreign clients.

Former Executive Vice President Ross McLellan’s attorney Martin Weinberg said he “desperately” needs prosecutors to use their special legal avenues to force law enforcement and former coworkers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands to produce evidence. Read more

Ex-State Street Exec
Faces New Charge Of Bilking Insurer

By Jody Godoy | Law 360 | January 18, 2018

“We have compelling legal and factual defenses to today's supplemental allegation. Mr. McLellan is unwavering in his assertions of innocence and his intention to go to and prevail at trial,” Weinberg said. Read more

Ex-State Street Exec Can Try To Depose Clifford Chance Atty

By Daniel Siegal | Law 360 | January 12, 2018

A Massachusetts federal judge on Wednesday granted a former State Street Global Markets LLC executive’s motion to depose a Clifford Chance attorney in the Netherlands before his trial on securities fraud charges, agreeing with the executive that the attorney’s testimony could swing his defense.

 McLellan is represented by Martin G. Weinberg of Martin G. Weinberg PC. Read more 

Massachusetts Cases to Watch in 2018

By Ed Beeson | Law 360 | January 1, 2018

The year ahead promises to bring several high-profile cases to Massachusetts as the office of newly appointed U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling gets ready to try consequential matters involving public corruption. …

In June, a rare criminal trial against a financial executive is expected to kick off when prosecutors try to prove that Ross McLellan, formerly of State Street Global Markets LLC, duped institutional investors into paying hidden fees for the services they received from his firm.

Lawyers noted that McLellan has a renowned defender in his corner, the Boston-based white collar lawyer Martin Weinberg. Read more