What Are My Legal Options After Getting Convicted?

Although a conviction in federal criminal court may appear to be the end of the road, you still have an opportunity to fight for the justice you deserve with the help of an experienced federal appeal attorney. Besides filing an appeal, there are several other options for post-conviction relief. 

The following are common options after getting convicted in federal court: 

  • Appeals – As we mentioned earlier, filing an appeal is generally the next move after conviction and/or sentencing. Common grounds for appeal include Improper admission or exclusion of evidence, lack of evidence to reach the verdict of guilty, ineffective assistance of counsel, juror or prosecutor misconduct, incorrect jury instructions, and improper sentencing. 

  • Habeas Corpus – This type of write brings an inmate before the court to determine if his/her detention or incarceration is lawful. This legal procedure prevents the government from holding you for an indefinite period of time without showing cause. 

  • Sentence modifications – If an error was made during sentencing that requires correction, the sentence fails to meet federal guidelines, you were convicted but now aiding another criminal investigation, or you have a terminal illness that prevents you from serving your entire sentence, you may be eligible to seek sentence modification. 

  • Pardons – A federal pardon occurs when the President of the United States completely sets aside the punishment for a federal offense. A presidential pardon is only limited to federal crimes. Keep in mind, a pardon does not mean you are innocent of the alleged offense, but rather you accept complete responsibility for it. 

Attorney Martin G. Weinberg has handled hundreds of complex federal cases over the past 40 years. He has fought for his clients in more than 20 federal district courts, eight U.S. Courts of Appeals, and in the Supreme Court of the United States. 

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