Case Results

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  • Charges Dismissed
    U.S. v. Moffett

    A former Aegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc. salesman saw his convictions in a drug fraud scheme wiped away by the First Circuit on Friday when a panel found that a judge improperly highlighted the government's evidence on the jury's verdict form.

  • Successful Challenge
    US v Warshak
    631 F3d 266 CA 6 (2010): Successful challenge to the Department of Justice’s reliance on the Stored Communications Act to seize the content of emails in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
  • Dismissed Charges
    US v Handa
    892 F.3d 95 (1st Cir. 2018): Dismissal of bank and wire fraud charges against business owner on Speedy Trial grounds due to delay between indictment and his arrest returning to the US from India.
  • Reversal of Convictions
    US v Tavares
    (1st Cir, Dec. 2016): 1st Circuit Court of Appeals reversal of RICO and mail fraud convictions in a public corruption case.
  • Reversal of Conviction
    US v Casellas-Toro
    (1st Cir, 2015): Appellate reversal of a federal false statement conviction due to a "Rare application of the presumption of prejudice resulting from pervasive publicity from prior case”
  • Reversal of Conviction
    US v Vazquez-Rivera
    665 F3d 351 CA 1 (2011): Reversal of child pornography conviction based on improper admission of opinion evidence from FBI agent which prejudiced defendant’s right to a fair trial.